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Show your talent to the world. Lafz Entertainments is here to teach you and to promote you at a bigger level.

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Lafz Entertainments will provide you ample opportunity to connect with established artists and to learn different nuances of their Art form. Join our community to teach, learn, showcase,interact,perform with the budding artists globally.

Entertainment zone

Open Mics and Featured- Live shows Poetry, Comedy, Singing, Story-telling, Acting, etc. Participate in our events & perform in front of people around the country. Appreciate artwork of others and enjoy beautiful evenings with us

Art Learning zone

Learn different forms of art from our mentors. Learn Story-telling skills, Acting tips, Singing notes, Instruments, Stage facing techniques, verbal and formal etiquette of the art performing industry from our mentors

networking zone

Connect with different budding artists around the globe and interact with them in our community section. Post your queries and reply to others. make connections with your mentors and domain expert

It's time to change the trend-
Meet our Mentors

Be the trend setter & not the trend followers. Show your unique style to the world and make them proud of your work. Learn various hacks of Art from our mentors.

Aashima - Personality Development

Personality development is the development of the organized pattern of behaviors and attitudes that makes a person distinctive. Personality development occurs by the ongoing interaction of temperament , character, and environment.

Ayush Awasthi - Acting Mentor

Acting is not limited to movies but has a wider reach. Actors work in theatre productions, in commercials, on television shows and so on. Those who aspire to take up acting as a career opportunity have to work tirelessly, spend hours at repetitive auditions and rehearsals

Akshat Kaitwar - Music & Instrument Mentor

A musician is a person who plays a musical instrument. Anyone who composes conducts, or performs music can be referred to as a musician. A musician who plays a musical instrument is also known as an instrumentalist. A person who is able to play a number of instruments is called a multi-instrumentalist.

Poetry |Standup | Singing | Acting

Meet our Artists/Students

We work with the best local emerging talent. Our network of artists is diverse and represents a wide range of art – from modern abstract to figurative and collage, each show is guaranteed to have something for everyone to love. Each event is carefully curated to fit the atmosphere of the space and to provide a unique and fun experience for guests. To inquire about our application process and learn more about our artist selection process, please fill out a contact form. Come meet our talented ladies at our next event!

Nandini Thakur 

Himachal Pradesh

Glimpses of Lafz Events


Glimpses of Lafz Events


Vidhi Rita P


Great Artists who talk about us

Lafz has received an overwhelming response from youth and working professionals. We have developed a community of over 5000 people in a short period. We are collaborating with Artists, Mentors, Event Organizers, Corporates & other partners of different domains.

Great platform for everyone. a wonderful team and very friendly with everyone which make you more comfortable and more confident. and most importantly some performers who come here regularly are simply awesome and friendly.

-Punit Raja

The friendly and informal approach that Lafz takes to its poetry recitation events is what I like about it, and perhaps that is the idea behind it. Here is an ordinary couplet I just wrote for Lafz :

वां शायरों का हुजूम रहे, वां सामईन फ़हीम सही,
ये महफ़िल दोस्तों की है, वो बज़्म-ए-सुख़न अज़ीम सही। — 
-Hemraj Singh

I simply love the energy of this group. They may be new but they got everything figured out. There approach is just perfect. Performers get the respect they deserve and a great setup which is needed to set the mood right. I have attended one of their events and I am already a fan. I recommend Lazf to every poet, shayar and writer who is looking for a platform.

-Adheesh Verma

Lafz is a boon to amateur artists. This platform is open for anyone who wants to express his emotions and thoughts through words. All their events are organized well. The team is highly professional and talented. All the best Lafz. Keep shining!

-Vidhi Rita P

Artist & Portfolio Management

All the registered artists have an option to make a free Portfolio and a dedicated web page on our website. Our team will manage all the queries of shows and booking and will coordinate with the artist accordingly. We don’t charge any fee/Commission for the Portfolio Management of our registered Artists.

Akash - Poet & Storyteller

He is a 14 year young Poet. He has amazing storytelling skills with his inspiring story he has inspired hundreds of poets. He is from Kashmir. Read More

Vishal Tyagi - Comedian

With his witty and logical explanations to the situations he went through, he gives various funny hacks to deal with heartbreaks & social obligations and hence enabling you to kill all the regrets and discover self-love! Read More.

Raj Guru - Singer & Music Composer

Raj Guru from Bihar is a musician and has composed many songs and has got an amazing voice. Read More​