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Lafz is a community of budding writers, poets and storytellers, comedians, actors, and all the artists out there. It is a platform that is fully driven by students only. we strongly believe in various art forms being performed by various talented artists. Be it poetry or storytelling, be it prose writing or performing artistry, Lafz aims to find beauty in differences and strives to uphold it, empower it, and present it to the audiences in general. From daily activities to weekly seminars, from competitions to other zestful events, we try to create a healthy and joyful environment for the budding artists and help them strike a balance between emotional confluences and literary techniques in whatever they pen so that the depth of their words resonates with the thoughts of those who read it.
Events and workshops hosted by us are one-of-its-kind online events that aim to host a healthy yet competitive environment with myriad opportunities for learning. It is a platform for students, poets, writers, comedians, etc., to showcase their amazing works as well as to learn the nuances of the art form they wish to master. From challenging competitions to informative masterclasses, from distinguished speakers to blissful cultural evenings, Lafz has it all. Some might say that we are a full-on entertainment package!

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To make sure new and talented artists are encouraged to continue their journey to spread happiness through their art and are respected, contributions in the form of tickets booked by the guests go to the artists performing. The artists, as well as the audience is curated to ensure a vibe’s created between like-minded people. Guests arrive on time for the first act and stay for the entire show. Travel stories are from common people (not necessarily pro artists) based on real-life, raw experiences, ranging from an incident in the local transport/city to climbing a mountain, swimming a sea to exploring any part of the world.

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