Lafz Entertainments

Kuch Unkaheen Baatein


2017- April

Journey starts

Three students of the University of Delhi started Lafz with the vision of promoting Art and Artist in society. In the very first event, Lafz had received an overwhelming response of around 60+ entries of performers which motivated them to continue a series of open mic events in a different region of Delhi-NCR

2017- September

Expansion 1.0 | Tier-2/3 cities

After receiving a positive response from performers and audience lafz expanded to 4 new cities of India (Moradabad, Kanpur, Allahabad & Gaya, Bihar). Artists of different art fields started joining lafz and this is when lafz become a community of artists coming from tier-2 and tier-3 cities. At this point we analyzed and started providing workshops to our artists so that they can improve their skills and perform better

2018 - April

Expansion 2.0 | Universities

In this phase, we have collaborated with many universities in different cities and states. We organized several artistic events in our partnered universities. Some of the universities are Panjab University-Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh University- Shimla, Allahabad University, CUSB- Gaya, Bihar 

2019 - February

Expansion 3.0 | Schools

In this phase, we have collaborated with many schools of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. We have organized several intra and inter-school competitions. Lafz have provided several artistic workshops in its partnered schools with the help of our mentors.



2020 - March

Expansion 4.0 | Digitalization

This is the corona period, where everything was shut, Lafz was still working towards its vision and mission. In this Period Laf introduced a new concept wherein it started providing paid shows to deserving artists. Meanwhile, Lafz has organized its flagship event “Lafz Mahotsav”. In this event Bollywood celebrity “Piyush Mishra” was the chief guest along with many other famous personalities.

Events & Network

Open Mic Events of Poetry & Storytelling

Lafz Reached to around 1500 people in just two months on facebook, Instagram & Youtube

Open Mic | Workshops | Artists meets | Monthly Discussions

Lafz Reached to around 200+ Artists of multiple cities.

Open Mic | Workshops | College Festival Events | Artists Meet

Lafz Reached to many universities students.

Open Mic | Workshops | College Festival Events | Artists Meet

Lafz Reached to many school students of tier 2 and tier 3 cities to promote those artists who do not have much exposure and opportunities.

lafz now include

Open Mics & Featured Events
Corporate Events
Pod Casts
Lafz Academy
Artist Management & Portfolio Management


Mayank Singh Senger

(617) 962 8802

Manvendra Kumar

(510) 894 8525

Shivangi Choudury

(513) 585 5951

Our team

Young & Creative Minds behind Lafz Entertainments

Priya Ranjan

Legal Advisor

He looks after our legal process. His advice from time to time make us feel confident in this competitive market. His advice and expertise help us to improve our business performance in terms of operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy.

Priyanshu Tripathy

Regional Head, Bihar

Priyanshu, himself is an artist. It’s really an opportunity to work with him, he truly deserves all the appreciation for his hard work and his dedication towards lafz. This person is a great asset to the team. He is responsible for all the great work Lafz has done in Bihar as far.

Kritika Sharma

Client Manager

As our dedicated Event manager with extensive event planning experience, Kritika is an expert at the craft of communication and is one of the most talented and creative people we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Payal Sharma

Event Planner

With a great eye for design and aesthetics, Payal Sharma is your ultimate guide through every step of planning the perfect event. There really couldn’t be a better-suited Head of Event Planner.


Event Coordinator

Suman has strong experience in Event Coordination and doesn’t rest until the job is done. As our trusted event Manager, she is available to assist with all of your event needs.

Surya Pratap

Graphic Designer

As our dedicated Event Coordinator with extensive event planning experience, Surya is an expert at the craft and is one of the most talented and creative people we’ve had the pleasure of working with.